Wednesday, February 19, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: February 19, 2014

Focus: What does Act 4 of Midsummer teach us about power, love and dreams?

1. Warming up: Trying out (if you have not done so already) for SAT Vocabulary: List 14

2. Finishing the film version of Act 3 with the following focus: What happens to the four lovers' clothes and appearance in Act 3? What might this symbolize?

3. Meeting with your acting companies to read and analyze Act 4

a. Open your Acting Company document and give today's task the heading "Power, Love and Dreams in Act 4."

b. Read Act 4, scene 1 together.

c. Pause at the bottom of each page to discuss and record your thoughts on the following topics:
          At this point, which characters have the most power? How do you know? 
          Which characters have the least power?  Why is this?
          Which couples, in your opinion, have the strongest love between them?
          Which couples, in your opinion, have the weakest love?
          What do you think Shakespeare is trying to say about romantic love in this play?

d. Read Bottom's speech (4.1.210-end of scene) several times. What are some of the puns in this speech? What is he saying about dreams in this speech? Does he seem wise in this scene, or is he still a donkey head, or a little of both? 

1. Finish any Acting Company work not completed in class today.

2. Start studying for Friday's quiz on SAT Vocabulary: List 14

3. Remember that this Friday is the deadline for all make-up work, revisions, etc.; after this Friday, all grades from the first six weeks will stand as they are.

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