Tuesday, February 11, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: February 11, 2014

Focus: How can we understand Act 3 through performance?

1. Warming up: How much subtext can squeeze out of your words?

The Text:  "Don't go!"

The Subtext:
"I command you to stay!"
"Please stay if you love me."
"It's not safe out there."
"I warn you--you'll be sorry if you go."

The Text: "What time is it?"      "It's eleven o'clock"

The Subtext:
"How much longer do I have to live?"        "You have one hour to live and will be executed at midnight."
"When is this boring class going to end?"    "Thank goodness the bell is about to ring."
"We've complete lost track of time."          "We're late to class and about to get into trouble."

Applying it to 2.2.41-71: Which words would you emphasize? Where would you pause? Tone? Volume?

Lysander could be innocent and Hermia seductive.
Lysander could be seductive and Hermia cold.
Lysander could be genuinely in love and Hermia could say no but be tempted all the same.

2. Finally, a little acting for Act 3: A Challenge for Your Royal Acting Company

Check out the reward if you need extrinsic motivation: The Leclaire Dessert Menu

1. MSND homework to be decided by your Acting Company.

2. Optional: Flashcards for SAT List 13 Vocabulary (quiz on Friday).

3. Memoir independent reading books due March 14, but I highly suggest trying to finish your book in the next two weeks.

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