Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: March 19, 2014

Focus: What does our future look like, according to Bradbury, and what new words do we need to learn to understand Fahrenheit 451?

1. Warming up: Watching the "Best Vacation Ever" and reading "Texting Your Teens to Dinner"
  • As you watch and read, try to make at least one specific connection to the characters and society of F451.
  • In your opinion, can technology be a good way to bring your family together?  Or does it create distance?

2. Introducing the first 15 F451 words and entering them in; then pelting each other with vocabulary snowballs for words 1-15 in F451

(Winner, winner, chicken dinner--you get an extra point on Friday's vocabulary quiz)

3. Taking some good old fashioned quality time to read F451 aloud together and ask questions

1. For tomorrow, please prepare for fishbowl discussion by finishing pages 63-80 in Fahrenheit 451 and completing the other side of your yellow observation chart/reading journal.

2. Remember that this Friday will be your quiz over words 1-15; start studying tonight.

3. Start thinking about which option you're going to take for Friday reading time; if you want to start reading your banned/dystopian novel on Friday, go ahead and bring it along with your signed proposal.


  1. "He knew he could not face Beatty again" p 67. Why does he have so much fear for Beatty. Is there a past between them that we don't know about?

  2. What do you think Montag will uncover while reading?

  3. "The old man looked as if he had not out of the house in years." p 80 What does Faber have to fear? Is someone after him? Does he know something that everyone else does not?

  4. Is happiness more important than ethic in this society?