Friday, March 14, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: March 14, 2014

Focus: How are we going to improve our presentations skills through book talks?

Congrats on finishing TCAP!

1. Taking a little time to review SAT Lists 11-15 on your own

2. Acing the SAT 11-15 quiz (if you did not do so last week)

3. Explaining and working on your book talk (please see green packet given out two weeks ago; it's also linked right HERE)

4. Signing up for presentations (Connor, Michael S, Hobey, Collin, Bryan, Luke, Paul, Danny, Carter, Alex, and Eli may sign up first because of their consistent punctuality)

First hour: Imposing the new tardy policy

1. By Tuesday, please read through page 63 and complete one side of your new yellow observation chart/reading journal (now linked to the class website in case you'd rather type).

2. Continue working on your book talk and be prepared to present on your assigned date.

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