Monday, March 17, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: March 17, 2014

Focus: What are the qualities of an effective speech?

Please make sure you get signed up for a book talk.

1. Warming up: Exploring a few definitions of logos, ethos, and pathos

2. Exploring the detailed overview of your book talks (if you don't have your green packet, please click HERE), particularly the part in which you address logos, ethos, and pathos

3. Watching a professional speech and discussing how the speaker uses the three appeals
  • What is his attention grabber (how does he open his speech)?
  • What is his claim?  In other words, what point is he trying to make?
  • How was his speech organized?  In other words, what were his topics?
  • How did he use the slides projected to the audience?
  • Which details in his speech (images, phrases, word choices, etc.) appeal to ethos, logos, and pathos?
4. If time allows, starting to work on your own book talk

5. Distributing vocabulary packets (they're yellow this week because they are from F451)

1. Please read pages 41-63 in F451 and complete one side of your yellow observation chart/reading journal by tomorrow (Tuesday).

2. Work on your book talk and be ready to go on your presentation date.

3. This Friday we will have a vocabulary quiz over F451 words 1 through 15 ("abstracted" through "fold").


  1. What do you think brought Montage to realize he was, "a silly empty man near a silly empty woman," (page 44)?

  2. I think that Clarisse brought Montag to realize that he was a "silly empty man near a silly empty woman". Clarisse showed him another way to think and that there were different people out there that aren't all the same. He realized that he fell into that category of not having anything unique about his life and describes it as "empty"

  3. I agree with Ms Leclaire because the quote and explanation makes sense. When one person hates this book then they want to get rid of it. Also, mostly in a good book people might be afended so its just the role in society.

  4. About what the past looked like in the book. The book says that as schools get more athletic and arts oriented that the ones that still read books as a hobby were beat up.Do you think that if people wouldn't have started getting into athletics and arts that the society in described in the book would be different? Or was it an inevitable future?

  5. I think Montag has the book because Clarisse told him about the past. He is very curious about it and wants to find out more about books and what is inside of them.

  6. Do you think this society could be considered selfish? How does that compare to our society?