Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 25, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: How can we augment our vocabulary while simultaneously considering criminality in The Kite Runner?

Please have out your vocabulary flashcards to be checked.

1. Warm-up: Talking through the List 4 definitions and doodling small images/symbols for each

2. Creating "Wanted" signs that combine vocabulary with The Kite Runner

By yourself, create an old-fashioned "Wanted" sign that incorporates the following:
  • The criminal who is "Wanted" on this sign should be a person, place, or concept for The Kite Runner that you feel lies at the heart of the novel's central conflicts.  For example, the criminal could be a certain character, but it could also be something more abstract, like cowardice.

  • Throughout the sign, you must incorporate at least SEVEN SAT words, and at least FIVE of them must be from List 4. Please use your packet to make sure you are using the words correctly. Underline them on your sign.

  • Your sign should include the following elements as well:
    • An image and physical description of the criminal
    • What felonious acts this criminal has committed
    • What the criminal is armed with
    • What you should do if you see this criminal
    • What the reward is if you catch this criminal

3. Sharing your signs and starting Chapter 17 together, pausing to share questions, reactions, interpretations, and other annotations

1. Finish Chapters 17 and 18 for Thursday's fishbowl; leaders and discussers should be prepared.
2. Start studying for Friday's vocabulary quiz over List 4.
3. Bring your independent reading book to class on Friday.

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