Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September 19, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: How can student-led discussion lead us to a better understanding of The Kite Runner, Chapters 9 and 10?

1. Warm-up: Building up your background knowledge to better understand The Kite Runner

a. As a class, brainstorm which words, people, historical events, terms, etc. have come in The Kite Runner that you don't quite understand.

b. With your membership grid groups, select the two or three topics that you'd most like to know about, and take a little time to research them.  Discuss how the research helps you understand what's happening in The Kite Runner (be sure to write down research and responses in your grids).

2. Participating in Fishbowl #2: Chapters 11 and 12

1st Hour Fishbowl Blog

3rd Hour Fishbowl Blog

6th Hour Fishbowl Blog

3. Wrapping up a discussion with a whip-around: What are your take-aways and questions?

1. Study for tomorrow's List 3 SAT vocabulary quiz (keep bringing your flashcards and annotations to class to be checked off).

2. Bring your independent reading book to class tomorrow.

3. Start reading and annotating Chapter 13 for Monday.


  1. The most shocking moment during chapter 10 was definitely the scene in which Kamal's father shot himself so suddenly, it makes me wonder how much life is worth? Like think about what we pay for life, pain, work, and when someone pushes you to the limit of almost being hopeless then you convince yourself in that dark time that there isn't anymore happiness. Kamal's father felt the same way at that exact moment, he couldnt take much more pain and stress of what was happening to him and he ended it.

  2. The timid meaning of self explanatory comes into play when describing someone in these books. Simply take a glance at the combination of thousands of cells transcribed and then translated into a book. Amir is the child that Baba never wanted, being completely the opposite. A more fluent and patient mind became Amir, showing his love of reading writing and poetry. Then Baba is the sporty, rage chasing bloodthirsty football dad that wants to see his son play rather than write. In the end I think it was just bad luck that they wound up in this order, maybe if it was Amir and his mother things would maybe have turned out a bit better.