Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: What is the hero's journey, and how can it help us deepen our understanding of The Kite Runner

1. Thinking about the purpose of Chapter 7 in The Kite Runner (see Friday's activity)

2. Warm-up: Figuring out the first step of the hero's journey

What is the hero's journey?
  • Some critics believe that there exists a “collective unconscious,” or inner thoughts, feelings, instincts, and memories that reside in the unconsciousness of all people.

  • The hero’s journey ties into this, as heroes across all times and cultures share certain traits and experiences.

3. Viewing two examples of the first step of the hero's journey:

As you watch, please respond to the following questions in your notes:

  • What do these clips have in common?

  • What heroic patterns do they reveal?

  • How do these moments affect the main characters?

Discuss your findings as a class.

3. Discussing in your membership grid groups:

  1. Which characters appear to be following this heroic pattern in The Kite Runner? How so?
  2. How has the separation (physical or emotional) affected these characters’ self-perception, behavior, and motivation?  Please include at least one specific passage from the novel to support your response.

  3. Be sure to write down the brilliant ideas your group members are offering!  You do need to read passages aloud, but you don’t need to rewrite all the passages (just discuss them and include page numbers in your grids).

1. Please meet in the Forum tomorrow for important information about this year and scheduling for next year.

2. Continue reading and annotating Chapters 9 and 10 to prepare for Wednesday's fishbowl discussion. Leaders of Fishbowl #1: Make sure you FOLLOW THE SAMPLE SYLLABUS, creating one syllabus together and creating copies for each member of your group as well as a copy for your teacher. These should be ready to go as you walk into class.

3. Start making List 3 SAT vocabulary flashcards; these are due Wednesday.

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