Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If You Really Knew Me...

In an effort to get to know each other and trust each other, I'd like you to take a little risk and post five things that you'd like other people in the class to know about you. The quirkier/more unique and personal, the better.


Here are my five:

1. I am a terrible sport and throw a fit when I lose--especially when it comes to board and card games.

2. I have a phobia of people throwing up.

3. I refuse to eat fruit when it's suspended in gelatinous substances.

4. Every night before I go to bed, I go into Sam's room and quietly thank him for being alive.

5. I really want to be writer, but I've never submitted anything to publication because I'm afraid of my work being rejected.


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  2. 1. I hate how ironic it is that I cant get school computers to work.

    2. I am awful at remembering names.

    3. I've spent the past 3 years trying to find a hat that looks good on my head and I found it in New York this summer.

    4. I tried to do this assignment last night but my internet is awful.

    5. I have been in two international competitions for programming robots.

    1. 1st hour

      1. My birth mark is in my eye.

      2. I was born premature at 27 weeks.

      3. I weighed 1lb. 11oz. when I was born.

      4. I have a brother who is attending CU Boulder.

      5. I love to ski.

    2. good to know daniel
      i love to ski also

  3. 1st Hour
    Alex Fox

    Here is my Five:
    1. I hate losing very much. I am extremely competitive in all activities I take part in even it is something as pointless as playing Madden with my friends. I hate the feeling of being beat.
    2. I want to go to the University of Notre Dame for college.
    3. The Miami Dolphins are my favorite football team. I would consider my love for the Miami Dolphins to be on the brink of obsession.
    4. I am afraid of spiders
    5. I hope to travel all over the world in the future

  4. 1st hour
    1. I would really love to become an actor when I'm older
    2. When I was young I was in a bike accident and badly injured the skin under my eye.
    3. I really enjoy to play basketball.
    4. I can't stand the taste of spinach or asparagus, I gag at the mere smell.
    5. It is my hope to one day speak fluent Spanish.

    1. I enjoy playing basketball as well

    2. Great to hear we should play sometime

    3. Nice we should play basketball sometimes

  5. 1st hour

    1. I broke my wrist playing football

    2. I am not a huge fan of heights

    3. I strongly dislike cats

    4. I listen to music every night

    5. I procrastinate my homework a lot

    1. I procrastinate with my homework too.

    2. same with number 5

    3. I hate heights as well.

  6. 1st Hour
    1. I love to play soccer, and can get really competitive while I'm in a game.

    2. I really love to watch movies and watch them a lot, and know a lot about them.

    3. I ski a lot in the winter, my favorite mountain is Steamboat.

    4. I like Batman a lot.

    5. I love my cat who weighs 21 pounds.

    1. Batman is awesome, I agree.

    2. I like to destroy you in soccer! I like cats.

    3. yeah Dakota u destroy him

  7. 1st Hour

    1. My favorite sport is baseball
    2. I am competitive
    3. I like to listen to music
    4. My dream is to be in the grizzly clan
    5. I play baseball year round

    1. Just out of curiosity... what is the Grizzly Clan?

    2. The grizzly clan will not reign supreme as long as the great cthulu lives

    3. Jordan don't say his name. He's after all of us now!

  8. 1st hour

    1. I am very competitive
    2. The volume on the TV has to be on an even number
    3. I HATE Spiders
    4. I wish I played hockey
    5. My room has been the same for 10 years

    1. I'm very competitive too, and I hate spiders.

    2. I agree with the TV volume statement. I feel the same way boy.

    3. I hate spiders too

  9. First hour

    1. My favorite color is black

    2. My favorite band is Dimmu Borgir

    3. I have paranoid schizophrenia

    4. I am really good at math

    5. I built my own computer and many others

    1. I want to build a computer some time. I wish I had the time and money.

    2. Black is a sad color...

  10. First hour
    1. I have a double jointed toe
    2. I have a phobia of needles
    3. I am the oldest out of six kids, including two step siblings and two half brothers
    4. I listen to a lot of music
    5. I procrastinate a lot

    1. I procrastinate a lot also

  11. 1st hour

    1. I am really competitive in sports and some activity's

    2. I want to be a pro golfer

    3. I like going to the mountains to fish

    4. My dad and I have the best relationship in the family

    5. My favorite super hero is batman

    1. The Duff supports Batman like Carter above.

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    3. Batman is the man

    4. Glad to see there is a small army of Batman fans here.

    5. I like to fish too.

    6. I've just got to say though, Batman is no superhero. There is a distinction between hero and superhero, Batman has no super powers, therefore he is merely a hero. He's still the man, though.

  12. 1st hour

    1. I am a spiritual person. I love animals and I believe my spirit animal is a grizzly bear.

    2. I am in a clan called the grizzles, right now it's only me but I'm looking for recruits if anyone wants to join just let me know.

    3. I work at Big Bills

    4. I am a very peaceful person.

    5. I enjoy adventuring in the woods.

    1. The great Cthulu eats bears and we shall reign supreme

    2. Will you give me free pizza if I come in?

    3. Spiders are awful

    4. The grizzly clan will reign over all!!!

    5. Lukeeeeeeee only because you're a wizard. I know Jordan stop saying the all mighty gods name he will eat our souls mannnnnnnnn.

  13. 1st Hour
    1 I like to Dirt bike
    2 I have one brother
    3 I like to go skiing
    4 I like to run and am on the cross country team
    5 I also do track

    1. I didn't know you like to dirt bike Michael, that's pretty cool

  14. 1st hour
    1. I am a beast at guitar hero, you will not beat me.

    2. I'm REALLY competitive, like I cry when the broncos lose.

    3. I prefer anime rather than american cartoons, there just better

    4. I used to be a wide receiver until I decided to play basketball rather than football

    5. I have been involved in 2 high schools

    1. Its ok, I cry when the broncos lose too.

    2. I also prefer anime to cartoons.

    3. same here to #2

  15. 1. i like Indiana University but its a little hard to tell

    2. I like the Indanapolis Colts

    3. i hate cats

    4. i have a dog

    5. i like to ski

    1. What are you interested in nowadays?

    2. I have a dog too!

    3. I have a dog too! I also hate cats too.

  16. 1st hour
    1. i love to skate
    2. i am really good at working on cars
    3. i work for a construction and remodeling company
    4. iv'e never been out of the state of Colorado
    5. i was born in Littleton

  17. First hour.

    1. I play Football
    2. I absolutely hate snakes
    3. I am very competitive
    4. I have moved houses when I was 2
    5. I have played football for this is my 9th year

    1. what position do you play in foot ball


    3. You said the same thing twice

  18. 1st hour
    1. My favorite sport is golf
    2. I like to skateboard
    3. I am very competitive
    4. I am a caddy at cherry hills
    5. I like listing to music

    1. I enjoy music as well, what kind of music do you enjoy?

  19. 1st hour
    1. I play hockey.
    2. I have a phobia of spiders.
    3. I'm very competitive.
    4. I've lived in the same house my whole life.
    5. I had an unreal mullet.

    1. unreal lettuce

    2. I have a phobia of spiders too.

  20. 1st hour

    1. I want to start a business one day
    2. My favorite Sports team is the San Francisco Giants
    3. My favorite Sport is Football
    4. I would like to go to CU or USC for college
    5. I have minor OCD about really pointless things

    1. What kind of business

  21. 1st hour
    1. I have a phobia of heights
    2. I have major OCD
    3. I am very competitive
    5. I have a phobia of spiders

    1. I hate snakes too

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  22. 1st hour

    1. I'm a skateboarder and always have been
    2. I've been in trouble with the law before
    3. I don't respect judgmental people
    4. I am very unorganized
    5. I've been employed

  23. 1. One day I would enjoy becoming a famous singer
    2. I love kitty cats
    3. I have never broken any bones
    4. I can run very fast for short distances
    5. I've never seen the lion king

    1. Jordan you have a beautiful voice, and i know you love you're kitty cats you have about 1 super cute one. Also I just bought the lion king on blue ray so come over.

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    3. I have never broken any bones either

  24. 1.I play football

    2.i snowboard but i suck at it

    3.I love to eat food. my favorite is steak

    4.Florida Gators are my favorite football college team

    5.I like cookies

  25. 1. I love the New York Jets

    2. I play disc golf, and I've won a tournament

    3. I still text a lot of my old friends

    4. I am older than my twin brother Ben

    5. I hate hiking, a lot

  26. 1.I shoot nationally in archery
    2. I play 3 instruments
    3. Love chocolate milk
    4. Favourite food is waffles
    5. Dream job is an Olympic archer.

  27. 1.I lived in Japan

    2.My dad had cancer

    3. I love sports

    4.I have a golden retriever

    5. I have two brothers

    1. My mom used to live in japan

  28. 1. I play soccer
    2. I do swim team
    3. I have a Golden Retriever
    4. I have 2 cats
    5. My favorite food is hot dogs

    1. I have 2 cats and play soccer too

  29. 6th hour

    1. I have a phobia of people and myself throwing up.
    2. My dad used to be a professional stand up comedian.
    3. I'm scared of most dogs.
    4. I can't drink milk unless it has ice cubes in it.
    5. When I get nervous I rub my eyes constantly.

  30. 6th Hour
    1. I was born in California.
    2. I had never actually seen snow fall until i was 12 years old.
    3. Biking is one of my favorite hobbies
    4. I'm allergic to cats, dogs, and grass.
    5. I have never gone skiing or snowboarding.

  31. 1. My boyfriend graduated last year
    2. I really love steak or orange chicken
    3. I kind of miss having longer hair than super duper short...
    4. I love science
    5. I prefer fall over summer because its so pretty!

  32. 1. I had depression for six years

    2. I am half black and half white

    3. I am really afraid of heights

    4. I love all my subjects

    5. My parents are divorced

  33. 1. I love swimming and skiing

    2. Elephants are my favorite animal

    3. I want to live in South Africa when I grow up

    4. Ice cream is my favorite food

    5. I have two brothers

  34. Jordan G. (Per 6)

    1) I attended Arapahoe my freshmen year

    2) I was in foster care in Nebraska for one year

    3) I've been put through alot of terrible stuff that I hope no one ever has to witness or go through

    4) My Dad is in prison for the rest of his life and my sister is behind bars aswell. My mom is the most important thing to me

    5) I'm a very positive person no matter what

  35. Hour 6

    1. I have self trained myself in all my creative skills like dancing, singing, and playing guitar.

    2. I am a totally anime nerd.

    3. I can count cards.

    4. My dad used to be a chef for the Dallas Cowboys.

    5. My mom is going to massage Rihanna.

  36. 6th Hour.
    1. I play softball here at Arapahoe.
    2. I am a Christian and I take my faith seriously.
    3. My pet peeve is when people don't pick their feet up when they walk.
    4. My favorite drink at Starbucks is iced peach tea lemonade.
    5. I want to go to Africa and work with children after I graduate.

  37. Hour 6
    1. I have a fear of bees
    2. I have only been really sick once in my life.
    3. My uncle used to be the diver for Casa bonita
    4, My favorite food is Italian food.
    5. Both my parents are divorced and then both remarried.

  38. 3rd

    1. I am anaphylactic to all nuts. Even like being in the same room as them bothers me.

    2. I made it 4 rounds on the tv show The X Factor and would have continued on in the competition in LA but I didn't have all of the paperwork printed and they changed the contract so they had to cut me :/

    3. I absolutely hate wearing shoes. I hate things on or touching my feet.

    4. I'm fluent in American sign language.

    5. When im driving, I can't stand when bikers ride on the road it makes me so mad because they just seem like they think they are cars!

    1. It's pretty cool that you were on the X Factor. Did you ever get aired on TV?

  39. Hour 3
    1. I love soccer
    2. I absolutely hate spiders
    3. I have four younger siblings
    4. My birthday is on Christmas
    5. I've never been out of the country

  40. 6th Hour.
    1.) I play golf for Arapahoe.
    2.) I have a older brother who is 17 and two younger sisters who are 2 and 6
    3.) I want to travel the world after I graduate.
    4.) My favorite artist is Trevor Hall
    5.) My pet peeve is when people judge others for the way they look.

  41. 3rd Hour
    1. I am really afraid of mummies
    2. I came from a really small middle school that had only 50 people in my class.
    3. I hate everything that is grape flavored.
    4. I still sleep with a Teddy bear.
    5. I am not very good with technology.

  42. 6th Hour

    1. Last year I went to a high school that only had total of 12 people

    2. I love the color green

    3. I was born in Hawaii and lived there for four years

    4. I have nine people, a horse, and 2 dogs in my family

    5. I am training a four year old mustang right now

  43. 1. I love hyenas, and have a album of them on my phone.
    2. I play baseball.
    3. I used to be a sponsored skate boarder by the brand blank decks.
    4. I love water melon.
    5. I love the Oregon ducks because my sister attends college there.

  44. Per.3
    1)I can't sit in silent anything I do I have to have music or someone talking to concentrate.

    2)I love to do puzzles they challenge my brain only for 20 minutes before I solve them.

    3)My favorite food is sushi and always will be, by the way sushi is not raw fish that is called sashimi.

    4)I love anime no, not cartoons the Japanese Anime I just like the way they are drawn.

    5)I a more logical kid because I like to think out what I'll say before I write or say it.

    1. Will you bring me some sushi?

  45. 6th
    1. I am awful at remembering names and things that just happened

    2. I tend to space out a lot

    3. I like fruit

    4. The rain or windy days are my favorite weather

    5. I didn't know how to ride a bike until I was nine years old

  46. 6th Hour

    1. I was Born In Oregon
    2. Lived in China for the past 11 years
    3. I lived in Vietnam for a year
    4. I have a twin Sister
    5. I have only seen Snow a couple of times

  47. Period 3

    1. I love my music, it means everything to me. My favorite bands are One Direction and The Cab

    2. My favorite food is Nutella <3

    3. I love to write. I am writting/have written 3 fan fictions.

    4. I am a singer, and am in a band

    5. My greatest fear is that I'll be alone, and no one will ever care about me 'that' way.

    1. I also love music and I love to sing too!

  48. 6th hour
    1. I am half Japanese and can speak Japanese.
    2. I love traveling
    3. I am interested in global issues.
    4. I hate it when people say I'm too quiet, but when I speak they talk over me or don't listen.
    5. I enjoy listening to many different types of music and am always looking for something new to listen to.

  49. 3rd hour

    1. I don't pay attention to the news anymore.
    2. I haven't found one person that knows the band The Heavy
    3. I travel often.
    4. I prefer to stay at home on breaks except during summer.
    5. I usually listen to people because I don't have many stories.

    1. Have you ever gone outside of the United States?

    2. The news are very important.

  50. 1st Hour

    1. I love the Colorado Buffs
    2. I love all aspects of skiing
    3. I have two younger brothers who like just like me
    4. My favorite musical artist is Jack Johnson
    5. I want to travel around the world.

    1. *3. I have two younger brothers who look like me

    2. All aspects of skiing?

  51. 1st Hour

    1. I play lacrosse
    2. I DJ and make/remix lots of music
    3. I have two younger siblings, a dog, and a guinea pig
    4. I've traveled to places like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and all around the United States (so far 31 states!)
    5. I LOVE technology, and I started really loving it when I was 6 (but started playing with it at the age of 3)

  52. 6th hour
    1.I have such small feet that I share shoes with my sister who is 3 years younger than me.
    2.I'm scared of horses.
    3.I love Oreos.
    4.I want to be a doctor when I'm older.
    5.I don't eat any kind of grape artificial flavoring.

    1. What kind of doctor do you want to be?

  53. 3rd Hour
    1. I am not Mexican, I am Guatemalan
    2. I lived in Boston in between Guatemala and Colorado
    3. I just recently started to get on the twittersphere.
    4. I am fluent in spanish and I'm in the process of learning Chinese
    5. I make a mean guacamole.

    1. I am Mexican, not Guatemalan.

    2. I lived in Boston for five years! Fun city.

    3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. 6th hour
    1. I never got into Game of Thrones
    2. I have never been skiing or snowboarding in my life
    3. I like to run
    4. I want to become an astronomer
    5. I like space more than the planet we are on

  55. 6th hour

    1. I do gymnastics at Heritage HS, because Arapahoe doesn't have a team

    2. I have a job

    3. I have scoliosis and I'm 2 degrees from needing a permanent back brace

    4. I giggle a lot

    5. I've broken the same bone 3 times

  56. 6th hour
    1. I don't eat meat
    2. My dog is my favorite
    3. I enjoy going to concerts
    4. I teach kids at a film school in the summer
    5. Ryan Gosling is my hero

  57. 3rd hour
    1. I don't like showering in the morning
    2. I can do a lot of good impersonations
    3. I play football wrestle and run track
    4. I can play the guitar
    5. I love to play with my dogs Chester and chance

  58. 6th hour
    1.I like to tell stories
    2.I am really loud once I am comfortable with my surroundings
    3.I snowboard
    4.I play tennis for a club team and for Arapahoe
    5.I bike a lot

  59. 3rd hour
    1. I moved from Ohio last year
    2. I listen to music a lot, I've never been to a concert
    3. I have an intense fear of spiders and heights
    4. My parents have gotten divorced twice
    5. I'm very indecisive

    1. I'm afraid of spiders too. They are so creepy.

    2. I am also afraid of heights

  60. 6th hour

    1. I love various types of art such as sculpting, drawing, metal working, painting, and photography.

    2. I have a passion for playing the violin (5 years running).

    3. I tend to be quiet, but at times I can be a social butterfly.

    4. I have Congenital Nystagmus, an eye disease I was born with. That means my eyes shake back and forth horizontally without my control.

    5. I have a strong relationship with God. I am a Christian and I love my youth group at South Fellowship Church (Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30, at the Rock House, 6560 S Broadway, Littleton, CO 80121).

  61. 6th hour
    1. I play lacrosse
    2. I have a phobia of being in oceans/open waters
    3. I cant live without music
    4. I have 3 siblings, three dogs, and a guinea pig
    5. I like a paint and draw

  62. 3rd Hour

    1. I have five brothers and sisters which make my life very interesting
    2. I have an asian mother and brother who is in the same grade as me
    3. I like old music (1940's)
    4. I often get the question "Why are you so tall" and I usually laugh on the inside and think: "Do they not know how kids are made?"
    5. If I had a genie I would wish to be able to fly

  63. 6th hour
    1. I play the guitar.
    2. I love exploring in the woods.
    3. I was born in Indonesia.
    4. I hate anything small that can crawl or squirm.
    5. I carry hot sauce with me everywhere.

    1. When did you move to America?
      Going on hikes is so much fun! I love going to the mountains and exploring the woods!
      I always go on hikes and its a great workout!

  64. 6th Hour

    1. I am a ballet dancer
    2. I feint really easily
    3. I really like math
    4. I love the show "Chopped"
    5. I have two dogs

    1. I went to your ballet concert!
      I also can feint really easily for some reason and I have two dogs too!!!!!

    2. You are a really good dancer! You did great in the Nutcracker!

  65. Jaret Townsend 6th Hour

    1. I love to play soccer.
    2. I've always wanted to visit New York, but have never gotten the chance to.
    3. I have a brother who is a senior at Arapahoe.
    4. I was suppose to go to Highlands Ranch Highschool my Freshman year, but instead transferred to Arapahoe
    5. I have lived in Colorado all my life but have never gone skiing or snowboarding.

    1. Jaret I play soccer to

  66. 1st Hour
    1. Football is very close to me.
    2. I used to live in Sedalia on a 140 acre farm.
    3. I put hot sauce on everything.
    4. My parents are divorced.
    5. I have a brother that owns a screen printing company.

  67. 6th hour

    1. I love to swim
    2. My favorite show is Criminal Minds
    3. My favorite subject in school is math
    4. I love Captain America
    and 5. My favorite color is purple

  68. 6th hour

    1. I have three brothers that also have A as the first letter of their names.
    2. I wrestle and I sing
    3. I'm from Ohio
    4. I love the cold
    5. I don't like sweets

  69. #3rd hour
    1. I lived in Canada for 3 years
    2. I have 2 sisters
    3. I play lacrosse
    4. I have a yellow lab named bailey
    5. I played tennis for the first time last fall

    1. Are you related to Justin Bieber since you're from Canada?

  70. 3rd hour

    1.I like to skate in comps every month.
    2.I don't like sour candy at all.
    3.I would love to live in Arizona.
    4.I am very claustrophobic.
    5.I don't like scary movies.

    1. 3, 4, and 5 I can relate too!

  71. 6th hour

    1.I love to work on classic cars. Fords mainly
    2.I live on a ranch
    3.I hate losing a wrestling match
    4.I love to ski and I love the snow
    5.I love working with people as a team and a unit

    1. i love classic cars too!

  72. 3rd hour

    1.I'm from Virginia
    2.I row crew
    3.I'm a descendant from a Spanish Knight
    4.I have swam next to a 5ft barracuda
    5.I once got stuck in Washington D.C. during an earthquake

  73. 3rd hour

    1. I eat chocolate cake almost every morning for breakfast
    2. I was born in New Mexico
    3. I play the guitar and I just recently learned how to play the piano
    4. I dont make up my mind very easily
    5. I love the Broncos

    1. I'm really bad at making up my mind too ;)

    2. I wish I had that much chocolate cake

  74. 1st hour

    1. I have approximately 206 bones in my body.
    2. I am from a uterus.
    3. I will never take writing seriously when it comes to personals.
    4. I will die at some point.
    5. I could probably fly if I tried to.

  75. 6th hour

    1) I have been skiing since I was 3
    2) This is the first year I have tried out for the tennis team
    3) I have an autograph from a pro player in every sport, but I don't know who they are
    4)I am going to win a state championship one day in a sport
    5) I have dreamed about living in england

  76. 3rd Hour
    1) I live and love golf

    2) I want to travel the world

    3) I want to learn multiple languages

    4) My family and friends are the most important things in my life

    5) I love the broncos and watching football in general

  77. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  78. 3rd Hour
    1.) I love to play basketball and its my life

    2.) I was born in California

    3.) I have two sisters

    4.) I love the San Diego Padres

    5.) God,Family,and Friends are important to me

    1. i like god to awsome

    2. Andy, it's *too

  79. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  80. 6th hour

    1) I play and love hockey.
    2) I enjoy golfing with friends.
    3) I love going skiing and hiking in the mountains.
    4) I am bilingual.
    5) Both of my parents are from Iran.

  81. 1st Hour

    1. I learned how to play hockey when I was 4

    2. I don't like the Avalanche

    3. I've lived in Colorado my whole life

    4. My sister graduated from Arapahoe last year

    5.Im very competitive

    1. Why don't you like the Avalanche?

    2. I don't like avalanches either.

  82. 6th Hour
    1.)i was born and raised in Colorado

    2.)I have five siblings

    3.)I my biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouth open

    4.)I love the steelers

    5.)i started flying when i was 7 months and been flying frequently ever sense

  83. 6th hour:
    1. My biggest pet peeve is when foods touch/ combine on my plate.
    2. I want to live in New York City when I am older.
    3. I have three siblings.
    4. I have a spider phobia.
    5. My dream job is to be a news reporter.

  84. 6th Hour

    1. I love to read, but I often can't find an enjoyable book.

    2. I was born in Wisconsin, but raised in Colorado.

    3. I love chemistry and algebra, and dislike biology and geometry.

    4. I enjoy knowing more than my peers, simply because I can give out answers.

    5. I prefer cats, but I have a dog.

  85. 3rd hour
    1. I have never broken a bone
    2. I have a sister who is a junior
    3. I was born in Illinois, and moved here in elementary school
    4. I am very helpful in brainstorming ideas
    5. I am not very good at writing

    1. I am not very good at writing either Evan

  86. 3rd hour

    1) I love to run.
    2) I've hiked 14 fourteeners.
    3) I want to be a missionary in Africa.
    4) I was born underwater.
    5) I share my birthday with my mom and older sister; September 28th.

  87. 1st hour

    1. I love football.
    2. I want to join the army after college.
    3. I want to go to the NFL.
    4. I am scared of spiders.
    5. I love my family more then anything.

    1. I am also terrified of spiders. I hate those things.

  88. 3rd Hour

    1. I want to travel the world after high school
    2. I love to go to shows at RedRocks
    3. I was Adopted
    4. I love trippy art work
    5. I love food

  89. 6th Hour

    1. I still keep a journal

    2. My friends mean the world to me

    3. I broke my toe playing "Duck, Duck, Goose" and broke my foot walking into my parents bathroom

    4. I have Podophobia, which is the fear of feet

    5. I cry at least once a day, usually I'm not even sad about anything

    1. i have the same fear

    2. How did you break your toe playing duck duck goose? Thats insane!

  90. 6th hour
    1. I have a fear of spiders.

    2. I'm a competitive cheerleader on a senior level 4.2 team

    3. I coach a mini level one rec team and also do level one tumbling.

    4. I'm a swimmer.

    5.I was a dancer and a volley ball player for 6 years.

  91. 1) I've been in the Dominican Republic the last few days.
    2) I love Baseball.
    3) I like chocolate.
    4) I like to lotion my body with Cocoa Butter.
    5) My favorite baseball player is Robinson Cano.

    1. i had spanish class with you and i miss you

  92. 3rd hour
    1.i love lacrosse
    2.I am the youngest of 2 sisters who are 12 and 13 years older then me
    3.im a second degree black belt
    4. i wear glasses
    5. im a poor loser

    1. My whole family has a weird age gap like that. Even though I am an only child, all of my closest relatives are fourteen years older than me.

    2. I like your glasses and you are really good at lacrosse

  93. Hour Three

    1.) I volunteer my time (weekends and summer) with little kids
    2.) I have gone to 6 different schools since kindergarten
    3.) My dad is currently in Germany.
    4.) Chemistry is my favorite subject
    5.) I march in Arapahoe's marching band

    1. That's really neat that you volunteer with kids. Good for you :)

    2. Why is your dad in Germany?

    3. I am a seven year old at heart.

    4. My dad is in Germany for work. He will be there until the end of September. He travels about six to nine months a year.

  94. Jacob Reed
    Block 3 8/20/13
    If You Really Knew Me...
    I love to play lacrosse and Wrestle. They are my two favorite sports.
    I travel many different places to dirt bike. A few that I have been to are Moab, Salida and Sadalia.
    I have lived in Colorado my whole life.
    I hate mustard and mayonnaise.
    I play guitar in the band at my church.

    1. I play saxophone at my church wow

    2. Dirtbiking sounds fun!