Thursday, August 15, 2013

August 19, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: What would we like to know about each other and about this class?

1. Telling you a little bit about my journey

2. Telling me a little bit about yourself through "Wordless Introductions"

3. Investigating the syllabus and your new student calendars
         Write your name and my name inside your calendar.
          Look carefully at the table of contentsFind five different pages/sections of your student calendar (aside from the pages where you record your assignments) that you think could be useful to you. Use the tabs in the back to mark these pages.
         Please record my off hours on page 20. I will be in the study center during 4th hour (1st lunch) on Fridays.

4. Explaining your first English 10 assignment ("Dear Ms. Leclaire...")

5. Enjoying a brief scavenger hunt!

1. Please compose a one or two page letter to me in which you tell me anything you’re willing to share about yourself. The better I know you, the better teacher I can be to you; please be as personal as you wish.  Your letters will be confidential. They may be typed or handwritten.
Please put a picture of you that you like at the top of your letter (you’ll get your picture back).
2. Signed class policies due Wednesday, August 21.
3. Make sure you have a functioning Google account and Blogger account (and that you remember your password!).

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