Monday, August 19, 2013

August 20, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: What are our laptop and blogging expectations?

1. Human minesweeper: Remembering the important stuff from yesterday

2. Collecting your letters from last night

3. The search is on!  Enjoying a brief class scavenger hunt

4. Establishing laptop policies and distributing eee's

5. Exploring blogs of the past and using membership grids to establish blogging policies for this class.

a. Please peruse the post and the comments for the two blogs linked below.  As you read quietly, think about which ones are strong and which ones are weak.  What makes the strong ones strong, and what makes the weak ones weak?

Click HERE for a sample homework blog.

Click here for a sample fishbowl blog.

b. In your membership grid groups, first fill out your names across the top.  Please fill in your first topic: "Blogging Expectations."  

c. As a group, decide on FIVE specific blogging policies for this class that will help keep our blogs strong.

d. I will compile your answers and print them out for the class to sign.

1. Complete the first TWO blogging assignments tonight (due tomorrow).
2. Signed class policies are also due tomorrow.


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  2. 1st Hour

    1. I hate it when people take my hat.

    2. My favorite color is Crimson/Blood Red.

    3. Volume on the TV must be an even number.

    4. I want to visit Germany and Ireland

    5. I want to drive on Autobahn in Germany