Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 21, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: What are this class's policies and expectations of technology and independent reading?

If you have not done so yet, please turn in your signed class policies at the beginning of class.

1. Warm-up: Taking the technology oath!

2. Establishing blogging policies and membership grid groups

a. Please peruse the post and the comments for the two blogs linked below.  As you read quietly, think about which ones are strong and which ones are weak.  What makes the strong ones strong, and what makes the weak ones weak?

Click HERE for a sample homework blog.

Click here for a sample fishbowl blog.

b. In your membership grid groups, first fill out your names across the top.  Please fill in your first topic: "Blogging Expectations."  

c. As a group, decide on FIVE specific blogging policies for this class that will help keep our blogs strong.

d. I will compile your answers and print them out for the class to sign.

3. Perusing and commenting on each other's "If You Really Knew Me" posts

4. Browsing books and understanding the purpose and focus of independent reading this semester

Click HERE for an overview of independent reading.

1. If you're going to check out your book from the library, go ahead and check it out.  If you're going to purchase it, go ahead and order it or figure out when you're going to get to the bookstore.  The first day you will need your book is Friday, August 30.

2. Once you have decided on your book, ask your parents to sign the letter distributed in class today.  This letter is also due Friday, August 30 (note: you will not be able to start your independent reading book until I have your parents' permission unless you selected a school-approved book).


  1. 1st Hour

    - No bad language
    - Be detailed
    - No hating on other people

  2. do not use bad language
    do not personally attack people
    do not write one word answers

  3. Group 1 - 1st Hour

    1. Be respectful to the other bloggers, and don't be negative towards the others. Respect the other peoples' thoughts and ideas.

    2. Go into detail with each thought that you put down. Use good explanations for each thing you're writing about.

    3. Use deep thoughts when writing and think outside the box.

  4. 1. No text talk

    2. No profanity

    3. No plagiarism

    1. You forgot to put your group number up top pat, slacker! good three rules though..

  5. Group #3

    1. State the theme
    2. Positive feedback
    3. Use proper formating

  6. Group 2
    1. Try your hardest
    2. Treat people with respect
    3. Constructive criticism

  7. 1st Hour- Group 8

    1) Don't Swear
    2) Don't use incomplete sentences
    3) Don't go off topic

  8. Don't use strong or vulgar language
    Never single out and personally cyber bully kids
    Be creative with your responses and keep it real!

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  11. Group 5 3rd Hour

    1.) Don't cyberbully
    2.) No bad language
    3.) Be respectful

    1. I think it says 5 in the directions so...

      4.) Follow the instructions
      5.) Use good grammar

  12. Things Not To Do
    1. Don't be mean
    2. Don't use profanity
    3. Don't go off topic

  13. 3rd hour- Group 3

    1.Use descriptive words.
    2. Put detail into your thought.
    3. Be truthful.

  14. Hour 3 - Group 8
    1. Don't bash other's ideas
    2. Don't be lazy with your posts
    3. Don't post inappropriate content

  15. Group Seven's Three Don'ts
    1.) No profanity
    2.) No skipping assignments
    3.) No hateful/hurtful comments

  16. Group 2, hour 3
    1. Be mature and know what your talking about
    2. Have flow, creative writing
    3. Be professional

  17. 1. Explain your thoughts
    2. Stay on topic
    3. reference the book

  18. Group #4 Period #3

    3 Do's

    1. Keep your blogging school appropriate.
    2. Know what your blogging about.
    3. Use correct punctuation, grammar, and spelling.

  19. Group 2 Period 6

    3 Do's

    1. Respects others ideas/thoughts

    2. Positive comments

    3. Stay on topic

  20. Group 1

    1. Debate rather than argue

    2. Give your honest opinion but do not make it hateful

    3. Use respectful language

  21. 1. Keep it PG.
    2. Use proper spelling and grammar.
    3. Be specific by staying on topic.

    Group 3

  22. Period 6 Group 6
    1. No vulgar language.

    2. No cyber bullying.

    3. Do not use texting language.

  23. Group #7 Period #6

    1.Don't use inappropriate language
    2.Don't move off topic
    3.Don't be disrespectful

  24. Group 8 (Per 6)

    1. No bad language
    2. Don't fall off topic
    3. Participate and don't hide behind your computer

  25. Hour 6

    1. Correctly answer the question.

    2. Stay on topic or tie it back to the topic.

    3. Say only appropriate things.

  26. Group 5 Period 6

    1. Don't get off task
    2. Don't criticize
    3. Don't be immature