Friday, April 4, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: April 4, 2014

Focus: What does reading do for our brains?

1. Enjoying our next round of book talks!

2. Reading your independent book or the final pages of F451


Reading some articles that connect (closely or loosely) to what we've been talking about lately:

Inertia, Obedience, and Faith

An which I Bash Traditional Schooling

Your High School Transcript Could Haunt You Forever 

Harvard's Looking for a Wikipedian in Residence

Why Parents Need To Let Their Children Fail


1. Finish reading F451 for our final fishbowl on MONDAY and fill in your final observation chart.  Try to use your observation chart to draw larger conclusions about the does it end and why? What lesson is Bradbury trying to teach us?  What warnings should we heed?  Do you think the ending is effective?

Click HERE for an observation chart (I neglected to make copies--my apologies). Please print this on your own before class on Monday.  If you're having printer issues, please share the document with me directly and make sure your name is in the title.

2. Work on your book talk if you are delivering it next Tuesday or Thursday.

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