Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: April 22, 2014

Focus: How do we start creating our mockumentaries?

1. 3rd and 6th hours: Warming up with book talks

1st hour: Warming up with a quick overview of English electives and a little time to work on your schedules

2. Testing your topic by brainstorming: The How/Why Chart

3. Working on your How/Why Chart; if you finish class, please show me so that I can give you credit on your rubric and get you started on your annotated research.

1. Complete your How/Why Chart if you did not finish in class.
2. Signed book film club proposals must be handed in tomorrow or you will be reading A Separate Peace.
3. Bring a hard copy (or electronic copy) of your book film club novel to class this Friday, April 25.
4. 1st hour: Work on your book talk if you haven't given yours yet.

Midsummer revisions?  Synthesis outlines/Truman Show notes?

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