Friday, January 31, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: January 31, 2014

Focus: How can we improve our vocabularies and our reading skills?

1. Warming up: A few minutes to review SAT List 11 and ask any last minute questions

2. Testing your SAT prowess with the List 11 quiz

3. Reading your brand new memoir

4. Sending your future self a little note about your memoir using

1. Spend 30 minutes with your memoir this weekend.

2. For MONDAY: Using the No Fear Shakespeare version of A Midsummer Night's Dream (which you can access on the class website or by clicking HERE), read Act 1, scene 1, lines 1-212.

In your "Thou Doest Thine Homework" document, please make a list of all characters you meet in Act 1, scene 1, and, as specifically as possible, tell what each character wants. Support each response with a quotation from the play (in the original Shakespearean). This will be worth 20 points in the Growth category because, yes, it's that important.

3. Go Broncos.

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