Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We're English 10 Nerds and Loving It: January 14, 2014

Focus: Which story am I going to tell for my memoir?

Please turn in your signed class policies and your LWG books.

1. Warm-up: Looking over the Random Autobiography lines posted on yesterday's blog (you'll see ones from all three classes).


  • Please comment on five different people's lines.
  • Always, always be respectful of each other's writing (we're not critiquing, just commenting and questioning).
  • The more specific your comment is, the better.
  • Use any of the following topics to inspire a good ten minutes of writing:
  • Your first day of kindergarten
  • Learning to ride your bike
  • Learning to drive a car
  • Getting into trouble at school
  • A time in which your friend was mean to you
  • Getting punished by your parents
  • The first time you asked someone out
  • The first time someone asked you out
  • The first time you got dumped
  • The first time you dumped someone
  • The first time you had to perform something in front of a crowd
2. Setting up your "Clock Peer Editors"

3. Reading a sample short memoir together (by David Sedaris), with two questions in mind:

Which parts of this story grab you and why?
How does the narrator subtly change throughout the story? What brings about these changes?

4. Viewing yourself as a character:

Pretend that you see yourself walking into a room.  What's your first impression of yourself? What stands out about you? Think about what you're wearing, the way you carry yourself, the way you talk to other people, etc.

Optional: Extend this exercise by changing the "room" you are entering. How does this change your impression?

1. Finish the exercise above if we did not finish it (or even get to it) today.

2. Walk in tomorrow with a strong idea about which "moment of change" you want to write about.  You will be asked to compose a premise for it, to chart out your plotline, and to start writing.


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  2. I see myself walk into Mrs. Leclaire's language arts class like everyday. I see myself still tired from waking us so early this morning I slowly walk over to my seat talk to my friends as I go until the announcements come on. My eye's are barely open and it looks I could fall asleep at any second. I'm wearing shorts and a sweat shirt I feel and look comfortable in my clothes despite how cold it is outside. All though I look tired I seem happy to see my friends and that lunch is next period for me. I talk to other people as I see them I walk over to a few because I don't want to seem like a loner. I try to make my friends laugh as I talk to them tell them stories about things i have seen or done that were stupid or weird. I then do the pledge and go to my seat and go through the lesson plan like every day.