Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 7, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Please sit in your assigned seats today. 

Synthesis Essay is Due. Take a few minutes to read the final draft to be sure it is complete and perfect. If you spot an error, correct it with your pen or pencil.

  • Staple the grading rubric to the top of your essay and hand it in.
  • Also hand in your peer-edited rough drafts, stapled together. Be sure your peer editor wrote his/her name on top of the paper.

Today's focus--preparing to read and analyze A Long Way Gone.

1. Explanation of the assignment, Journal with a Purpose.

2. We will read the opening of the book together and answer these questions: Why does Beah begin the book as he does?  What effect does this opening create? What questions does it make you ask?

3. Let's read Chapter 1 and annotate it together...

4. Sign up for Fishbowls. You must be a leader once and a discusser once.

Due Monday, 11/11: Read and annotate Chapters 1 and 2. Fishbowl #1 is Monday, November 11. Leaders must prepare chapter summaries and questions, just as you did for Kite Runner. Discussers: Be ready to analyze the book!

For each chapter, write five annotations about your chosen motif and questions for fishbowl. That's 10 annotations total.

You may:
  • Write directly in your book if you own the book
  • Write your comments on sticky-notes
  • Write two-column journal entries with the quote on one side and the comment/analysis on the other.
Study for Vocabulary Lesson 8 quiz tomorrow.

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