Sunday, November 10, 2013

November 11, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

1. Meet Vocabulary Lesson 9 Words
2. Reminders--Fishbowl Tomorrow. Let's review the responsibilities for Leaders, Discussers, and Outer Circle.

Today's focus: Using poetry to explore A Long Way Gone and your own life.

3. "Fifteen": Read and analyze the poem together. How might Ishmael Beah from A Long Way Gone write a poem about his 10th year? Reflect back on your past life and--imitating this poem--write about a time when you felt your own inexperience and immaturity. (An alternate assignment--write an imitation of the poem from the perspective of Ishmael. Be sure to select a specific year of his life to write about.)

4. The sun poem. Read and analyze this poem together in small groups (or by yourself). Think about the sun motif in A Long Way Gone. How does the sun appear in this book--as a beautiful force of nature or as a destructive one? What does it symbolize in the book? Write a poem about another natural object that Ishmael Beah is interested in--the moon, stars, dirt, trees, rivers. Imitate the style and pattern of this poem.

On Wednesday, we will write about "The Dirty Hand," a poem about guilt. You will have a chance to revise all poems before handing them in for credit.

HW--Make flashcards for Vocabulary Lesson 9 words. Due Wednesday.
Read and make 5 annotations for Chapter 1 and five annotations for Chapter 2. These are due tomorrow.
Prepare for Fishbowl #1 tomorrow.

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