Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Focus: What patterns are emerging in A Long Way Gone?

1. Warm-up: Close reading of Chapter 1 and quick recap of Chapters 2-17

Open a new document and call it "Patterns in A Long Way Gone"

On a surface level, this chapter is about...
On a deeper level, this chapter is about...

Circle up: Read aloud the two statements you have finished for your particular chapter.

Listeners: Write down any repeated words or any words that strike you as particularly important.  

Conclusions: What patterns are you noticing?  What's staying the same? What's evolving? What's devolving?

2. Fishbowl discussion: Chapters 15-17

1st Hour Fishbowl
3rd Hour Fishbowl
6th Hour Fishbowl

1. Remember that this Friday is the deadline for all missed and make-up work (including vocab quizzes, missed fishbowl discussions, etc.).

2. Cumulative vocabulary test this Friday on Chapters 1-10. On Wednesday, please bring to class your Chapter 10 flashcards so that I can give you credit. Bring ALL VOCABULARY to class Wednesday for a cumulative review.

3. Start reading and annotating Chapters 18 and 19 to prepare for Thursday's fishbowl discussion; bring A Long Way Gone to class each day so that I can check everyone's annotations this week.

4. Show up for your conference if you signed up for one; if you were supposed to conference with me on Thursday or Friday before break, please come see me to reschedule.

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