Tuesday, May 13, 2014

We're Filmmakers and Loving It: May 13, 2014

Focus: How can synthesize our images, videos, music and narration into a professional film?

1. Warming up: Viewing a sample student mockumentary and assessing its strengths and weaknesses

2. Reminding you of your work habits grades

You start off with 50 points in the Growth category (5 work days left, 10 points each).

You lose a point each time you...
  • Distract or are distracted by someone sitting near you
  • Play on your cell phone
  • Do other homework
  • Use language inappropriate to class
  • Pack up early or start late

3. Working on your mockumentaries (only three work days left including today)

1. All make-up work and revisions are due Thursday, May 15; remember that you can only make up or revise work from the most recent 6-week grading period.

2. Mockumentaries are due at the beginning of class this Friday, May 16. Any late work will result in half credit, and no exceptions will be granted (this your final exam).

3. I will start grading your websites on the Monday of finals.

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