Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 30, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Hand in the introduction and body paragraph 1. (20 points for completion of the assignment.)
I'm handing back your We Don't Need Another Hero paragraphs. Here is how to insert quotes.
Vocabulary Practice--15 minutes in small groups (4 or 5 in a group)

  • Select a word from this week's list and use it in the first sentence of a spooky Halloween story. Hand your paper to the student to the right of you. That student will select a second word from the list and use it in the next sentence to the story. You will do the same for the story that is now on your desk, this time using a different word from the list. Keep handing the stories to the right, and continue adding sentences until all 10 words have been used and the story is complete. You must use the words correctly; and you must show that you understand their meaning. 
  • Select the best story from your group. Put everyone's name on it, and hand it in. On Halloween--tomorrow--I'll read each group's top story to the class. (Do I even need to remind you? Please make the stories appropriate for the classroom!!)
After 15 minutes, return to your desks. We will then peer-edit the rough drafts. 

  • Exchange papers with one person whose feedback you value. Write "Peer-edited by" and sign your name on the top of the other person's paper.
  • Read the introduction and body paragraph carefully. Write comments about the following:
    • Is the opening sentence an effective eye-catcher? 
    • Is the background information adequate? 
    • Is the thesis the last sentence of the paragraph? Is it clear, specific,provable, and debatable? Explain.
  • Use the half-slip of paper for your comments about body paragraph 1. Staple it to the paper you are editing.
  • You will receive 10 points for peer-editing someone else's essay. You will be graded on how thorough, specific, and helpful your comments are.
HW--Study for Vocabulary Quiz Lesson 7 on Friday
Bring your Kite Runner to class tomorrow to turn it in!!

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