Monday, October 21, 2013

October 22, 2013: What's Happening in English 10?

Please get a computer and sit in your assigned seat.

Today's focus--How to insert direct quotations into an analytic paragraph: Last Chance Dance (Slides 1, 2, and 3)

Listen toTina Turner's song, "We Don't Need Another Hero." As you listen, pay close attention to the lyrics.

Handout--"We Don't Need Another Hero"--(Here is a link to the assignment.)

Why doesn't the speaker in this song need a hero?

Answer this question in one fully developed paragraph. Include a topic sentence that clearly answers the question. Support the topic sentence with at least three direct quotes from the song. Introduce and analyze each quote carefully, explaining how it supports your idea.

The paragraph is due at the end of the hour. Print it and place it on Mrs. Makovsky's desk.

  1. Create index cards for Vocabulary Lesson 6. Due tomorrow.
  2. Think of a movie or a book about a hero that you will compare to a hero in The Kite Runner. Tomorrow, we will complete the hero chart and begin brainstorming the synthesis essay.

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